We believe children learn by doing and learn through play. Therefore, Angel House offers an environment filled with activities, toys, and materials that promote ‘hands-on’ learning. Our daily routine includes a variety of teaching strategies which allow the children to work and play individually, in small groups, and as part of a large group.

With regular attendance, we hope your child will grow in his/her abilities in:

– independence and self-confidence

-sharing and taking turns

-speaking in a group

-expression of ideas through language, art, movement, and music

-listening and following directions; problem solving

-small and large muscle coordination

-knowledge in content areas including religion

CLOUDS (Two Year Olds)

Each day children are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities that involve gross and fine motor skills, language development, and self-help skills. The children practice daily prayers before meals. Daily information sheets are shared by parent/guardian and staff to provide good communication. A flexible schedule and lesson plans are posted in the classroom. Children enjoy daily outside time whenever the weather permits.

RAINBOWS and SUNSHINES (Three Year Olds)

Angel House is using Creative Curriculum as a written curriculum to guide learning opportunities for the children. Each day children are provided with both teacher-directed and child-directed activities. Children are given opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills as well as self-help skills. Language development is stimulated through nursery rhymes, stories, finger plays, songs, message board, Bible stories, and dramatic play. Children enjoy center time which explores literacy and language skills, art and creative expression, math skills, health and safety, social studies, and science. Daily prayers before meals are practiced.

MOONBEAMS and STARS (Four and Five Year Olds) Preschool Initiative

Creative Curriculum is also being used as a written curriculum to guide and continue the development of learning opportunities. The curriculum reflects the lives of the children and their families, reflects diversity found in society, encourages exploration and discovery, and accommodates the special needs of children.  The preschool curriculum provides children with child-directed and teacher-directed activities.

Learning centers emphasize specific skills and content in language and literacy, math, art and creative expression, health and safety, science, social studies, and technology. Language development is stimulated through educational games, songs, finger plays, message board, books and stories, and religion time. Gross and fine motor activities are implemented in the program. Music and dance is incorporated into the daily routine. Children are able to choose from centers to practice skills and explore their interests.

A daily schedule is predictable, flexible, and adaptable to meet the individual needs of the children. The schedule and curriculum allow time for indoor and outdoor experiences, active and quiet activities, and allow for group interaction and individual time.

Angel House also incorporates a Christian-based religious curriculum outside  the Preschool Initiative hours. The religion curriculum teaches Bible stories and songs, and provides activities which develop social values such as community, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, compassion, love and acceptance for all people. Children practice various prayers before each mealtime.


Angel House will complete formal and informal assessments through the school year to monitor your child’s progress. Observation with anecdotal notes, checklists, and work sampling will be used as assessment tools to gather information. Evaluations will obtain information on all areas of your child’s development and learning, identify your child’s interests and needs, and determine goals for your child. Through evaluations we will adapt our curriculum to meet your child’s needs and interests, as well as adapt our teaching practices and strategies.

Children who are in the Rainbow, Sunshine, Moonbeam and Star groups will have informal screenings 2 – 3 times a year. Staff will hold parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring to discuss your child’s progress, and allow us to learn more about your goals and concerns for your child.